hengtao tantai
Architect , AI Researcher


I've been in the industry for 18 years because my job coincides with my hobby and I really love my work. I have extensive experience in big data, data science and backend development.

Work Experience

2022 – Present
Provide big data consulting consultant for company
  • China Everbright Bank bigdata platform architecture upgrade CDH-> CDP
  • Data platform construction of a catering group company in Beijing
Fuwai Hospital
2019 – 2022
Data Scientist
Data platform and AI-related work in IT department
  • Data warehouse architecture and ETL process refactoring,Update Data warehouse architecture from oracle to hadoop ecosystem
  • Data management platform for data exchange with third-party systems
  • MRI image ventricular segmentation
2017 – 2019
Data Architect
  • in-video ads monitoring system
  • real-time monitoring system for celebrity commercial value tracking, public opinion , endorsement performance monitoring
2014 – 2017
Data Architect
  • Optimized the big data architecture,reconstructed datawarehouse and ETL workflow
  • Collect and process user behavior data and support advertising recommendation system
Alibaba / Aliexpress
2011 – 2013
Bigdata Expert
  • Build a tracking system using hadoop , hive, and spark. create data warehouses and etl processes using sql
  • collect keywords from competitors' websites and Improved relevance of search keyword drop-down boxes through machine learning
  • Online Marketing data analysis
Rising antivirus software
2007 – 2011
Web Developer
  • Malicious Index Service,create indexes for virus libraries and antivirus guidance documents
  • Malicious Websites Classification,skearn has not been released at that time , so use python implement kmean and logistic regression algorithms
  • develop website ikaka.com with java python and jquery


  • Overfit: Machine learning blogs and communities,Published articles related to machine learning and deep learning, over 100,000+ followers
  • Deepfeed: Deep Learning Blog/Article Aggregation
  • Pytorch Handbook: open source book aimed at getting those who want to use PyTorch for deep learning development and research started quickly. The Pytorch Handbook includes all the PyTorch tutorials that have been tested successfully


BeiJing CN
+86 18612733663


  • 2000 2004

    Beijing Union University


    Computer Science


Backend Expert
Python Django SQL NodeJS Shell Redis Prometheus
BigData Expert
Hadoop Hive Hbase Spark Flink Presto Kafka CDH/CDP Doris Data Warehouse Data Engineer
Data Science Expert
Machine Learning Deep Learning Pandas Numpy Sklearn Pytorch
Frontend Beginner
Javascript HTML CSS Bootstrap React


Parctice of Data Quality Management in Health Industry
Fuwai Hospital
01 March 2022

Editorial Board Member